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UpComing Classes:
1. Mosaic Pillow coming in January. More details to follow

Canvases go out monthly with everything you need to complete your canvas.

For more information email us at or call the store at 843.842.8488.

Shooting for The Stars

We are “Shooting for The Stars” this fall with a new series. This club includes 10 canvases. Every canvas is designed by a different designer. Our only wish was that they give us their aesthetic! We did not want to interfere with the design process and what they may be thinking in their head. We did not know whether it be themed for a holiday or just because. We were definitely surprised in a good way.

We are super excited about this club and love stitching them. With each canvas, there will be a stitch guide & threads.

If you are local, we will have a monthly class to go over new stitches and the chosen threads. If not, no biggie, we will make sure you have everything you need to be a success.

In addition, we are offering 10% off finishing for this series.

We have included pictures of the stars … and while you note, that you only see 9, don’t worry, 10 is a mystery!

10 canvases in all. Stitch guides, and threads included for each.
Begins in mid-September – designed exclusively for us by Pippin, Raymond Crawford, Emma, Cindy, VNG Canvases, Labors of Love, Rebecca Woods, Whimsy and Grace, and Mile High Princess.

It’s All About the Beach

6 canvases in all. Stitch guides and threads included for each.
Begins in mid -September. Designed by Julie Mar and Friends. Exclusively ours.

Snowball Fight

  • 6 ornament sized canvases designed by Michelle Noissiett from CBK Collections.
  • Stitch guides and threads included for each. Begins Late- September.